Diane Dobson

All of her life, Diane Dobson has been involved in craft making in one form or another.

As the youngest child of four growing up in Maleny, she learnt from her aunts, mother and sisters the skills of sewing and improvisation with basic methods and materials.

Throughout all this period, Diane's work has been balanced by the creative need to express herself through various forms of craft - tapestry, crochet, knitting, rug-making, quilt-making, embroidery and beading. In 1982 she travelled for 7 months throughout Europe visiting major art galleries and exhibitions of craft from such varied and exotic places as the carpet makers in Tangiers and the Royal Tapestry works in Madrid, to the palaces and art galleries of Britain and Europe.

In the early 1990s Diane formalized her skills, completing an Associate Diploma of Arts (Fashion) at Gateway Campus (incorporating pattern making, clothing manufacture, Textiles and Design, Millinery and Couture finishes), where her flair for juxtaposing textiles and various embellishments led her into contact with some leading Brisbane fashion designers, for whom she now accepts commission work.

"Earlier this year, I did a course in Japanese Boro work. This is a stitch used to patch or repair clothing and articles, in order to extend their use. As I like this idea of reusing, I wondered how I could incorporate this into my textiles. I hope to have several small bags with this technique at the Christmas Art Show."

You can see more of Diane's exquisite work here at her website.

diane bag_edited.jpg