Liz Stuart

I completed a visual arts degree in 2000 and have been in several exhibitions since then.

Due to a lifelong illness my art practice has been sporadic with steady progress. But it's my passion, very cathartic and a way to escape to my happy, free place where anything is possible.

I work intuitively using my imagination to interpret the visual world around me and the emotions from my experiences and challenges in life. Discovering beauty, strength and optimism in the toughest of places.

I use collage, charcoal, pencils, coloured inks and oil pastels. Often incorporating machine and hand sewing as metaphor for repairing, healing and learning along with flowers
symbolising identity, regeneration and transformation.

With this exhibition I have had fun exploring a variety of different ideas through collage, inks and oil pastels in both abstract and figurative forms on canvases and paper.


Badge of Honour

(coloured inks, prismacolour pencil, collage, hand and machine sewing on paper)






(coloured inks, hand and machine sewing on paper)

© 2016 by Catherine Bilson. 

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