Michelle Morgan

I am Michelle Morgan. I live in a small rural community on acreage in Kholo, which is a refuge for our rescue animals and birds who need a caring, safe home. They are a much loved and important part of my life. I have severe, complex cardiac and respiratory conditions, including a permanent tracheostomy, and retired from teaching in 1991. Despite frequent and lengthy hospitalisation, I completed a Master of Philosophy in 2005 and was awarded the Pride of Australia medal for Courage in 2010 before completing a PhD in Education (mostly from hospital) in 2013!  I have become a master of overcoming adversity and finding the positives in each and every situation.

I have no art background!  I stumbled upon my hidden artistic side in hospital in 2009. My art developed from doodles in pencil to intricately detailed pen and ink works. Each piece averages around 50 hours to complete and most are accomplished from hospital. Each piece is unique. Some have a definite theme, others seem to develop of their own accord. I lose myself in my art and find it meditating and a means of unlocking the spirit that resides within.