Warren Wong

Warren Hann ( Wong ) has been working in the Atelier de Poterie in the Community of Confignon a village on the rural outskirts of Geneva Switzerland.

His work is predominantly functional wheel thrown stoneware using Swiss clay and decorated with underglaze colours produced in Brisbane.

The clear glaze is made at the Atelier and wares are dipped or sprayed then fired to 1250o C in an electric kiln.

Warren acknowledges his Chinese heritage using the family name as his pottery seal accompanied by an impressed Swiss flag denoting the origin of production .

The various sized bowl forms are inspired by traditional Chinese ware with the classical  ‘Chinese foot’

The striped bowls have a Nordic hint, requiring fine brush work applying six layers of underglaze for each stripe.

His decorative ware of small tiles are produced by the impression into stoneware, of fabric wood blocks sourced in Mumbai. They feature traditional Indian motifs and faithfully decorated peacocks.

His work is held in private collections in Switzerland, Poland, France, USA, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia.

Warren has previously exhibited with ‘Liz and Friends’ and has exhibited also in the villages of Lully, Petit Saconnex and Confignon, Geneva.